The Target

Among other things: Inspire young craftspeople and professionals

The goal of Dutch Wood Artist (DWA) is to create (functional) art through the wood medium that serves as an inspiration for young artists and craftsmen. Plus, to bring more visibility and appeal to learning a trade and its associated craftsmanship. 

There are many aspects to Jakko Woudenberg’s Night Watch project. It brings satisfaction to the artist himself, but it also serves to demonstrate the importance of old-fashioned craftsmanship. The boundary between craftsmanship and art is often crossed. Think of applied art or functional art. Here, functional objects - buildings, furniture, clothing, etc. - are aesthetically designed. 


*Primary: Show young people that you can be creative with a craft.

*Demonstrate that creating something with your hands can be deeply satisfying.

*To stimulate youths and adults to reflect on why they do something, that they should pursue their own path rather than trying to impress or prove someone wrong. 

*In summary: Encourage people to self-knowledge and self-develop.

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