Work in progress - The Night Watch

The construction of The Night Watch in wood.

The final format: 440 cm wide and 360 cm high. The work of art is made up of 400 20 x 20 cm panels with 400 wooden blocks of 1 cm² each on each panel. A total of 160,000. 

A digital version of The Night Watch is currently being developed. This will serve as an example. It will be rasterised, divided into planes and printed. This will be the final (example) model for The Night Watch in wood.

What else follows? 

In consultation with the wood supplier, the types of wood (colours) to be used for the 1 x 1 cm blocks will be carefully considered. The finishing of the wooden blocks will also be examined. Once this is known, a decision will be made on how to cut the 160 thousand blocks as efficiently as possible.

In short, there are still numerous challenges to be overcome to bring this unique project to a successful conclusion. But one thing is certain: it will succeed!


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