Table restyling

We like to keep the traditional and ‘old’ style around. But we also like the modern and more creative side of things. For that reason we are keen to buy old (often antique) tables and restyle them. Mostly this means cleaning, sanding and repairing when necessary. But also to apply the special ‘Dutch Wood Artist’ touch to it. This guarantees the unique and spectacular piece of furniture.

  • Several restyled tables

    • AnTEAK table with modern pattern

      AnTEAK table with modern pattern

      Description: Antique teak table with inlaid braid pattern (‘vlechtpatroon’). We used teak, oak and wengé and purple heart to give it some contrast. The table is app. 205×100 cm. The four legs are finished with subtle details of oak and wengé. Finishing was done with 2C Oil based lacquer on which we applyed two layersContinue reading →